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My wayward son
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Pray for son please who is in an adulterous relationship. He has 2 sons and she & her. Friends are a very bad influence. Pray for a heavy conviction, she moves out , and a repentance on all sides. Pray for my grandsons that they are healed from the bad influences from the evil that came by them being together. May she leave never to return.My son is living with a girl and she is not divorced. Praying for conviction and repentance. And the relationship ends. She and her friends are a bad influence on my grandsons. ( smoke, drink , cusses. Etc. Prayer for spiritual protection for my grandsons. Also that my son and I will have a close relationship again once he repents. He is mad at me for speaking the truth and she is influencing his decisions. Praying for an end to all physical and emotional attachments between them.