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Prayers for Sandy, myself, and family
Submitted By:Julian Perezchica
Prayer Request:Hi! I recently started dating my best friend of years, Sandy, and we love each other. We bring each other closer to God every day and I've never been happier. A lot of people hate that we are together including our parents. We currently are keeping our relationship between Sandy and myself because I had some troubles happen and need us safe forever. Please, pray none find out about our relationship in anyway until we want them too forever. Please, also pray that nothing gets in the way of our relationship, none come against it in anyway forever, all afflictions/spiritual warfare lifted from us forever, the Lord infinitely provide for us and we infinitely stay in love with each other only all our days. And for the Lord to give us favor over our relationship, eventually marry and none do absolutely anything against us in anyway at all. And finally for the Lord to protect us, our families, homes, possessions and where we go, it infinitely taken from anyone and anything to do anything against us forever and none even conceive anything in them to do a single thing against us forever. Thank you and God bless! 🙂