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Discernment Healing
Submitted By:David K
Prayer Request:Hi there, God bless you. I am doing very poor financially and I am trying to move into an RV. I found one across the state line in Nevada and I just needed to discern whether this is the right vehicle for me. Can you please pray the Lord sends me a warning dream if it's not his will that I purchase it. If it is his will that I purchase it please pray that he holds it for me and pray that I purchase it at a decent price. The RV is a Chevy Allegro. Please pray for my health as my kidneys are damaged from irresponsible fasting and as a result I have cardiovascular issues including high blood pressure and chest pain. I also have eye floaters, bad teeth, and chronic fatigue. Please pray for my house as well as I believe spirits make their way in through my unsaved roommate and adjacent neighbors. Please also pray that my roommate doesn't go crazy when I tell him I'm moving out and that he easily finds someone to replace me. Please also pray for my Father who needs to give his heart to Jesus. Thank you so much! God bless you!