Current Prayer Requests

Submitted By:Dustin kleffner
Prayer Request: Praay for our amazing country Praay theey wiill maake a way for churches and christians in our country to gaather so theey can heeal other s, praay there to be ministries arouund the country who can exactly meeet the needs of the government and local communities so theey can oonly point the fingers at the goood the churches do Praay there is place s for the homeless and plenty of public bathrooms in all cities in the us because of covid Praay especially there is publiic restrooms and place s for the homeless in Lakewood and denver Colorado Praay for me for opportunities and for my chuurch to still keeep a goood emphasis on prayers and praay theey wiill still haave occasional prayers meetings Praay thaat there are place s arouund town s thaat persons can praay at in Colorado I had alsoo a dream about communication so praay for communication in our country to be good and so persons can get along well and communicate good Pray for a guy named alsoo Elijah to have a good relationship wiith me Praay for all the " U turn for christ programs around our country and for them and for me and for my church Pray for me to be also refreshed in jesus Pray for persons to treat me good pray our whole church has a good time and pray for the county that florence Colorado is in because there is like 12 to 15 prisons in southern Colorado or something liike thaat Pray the people around our country do not burn our churches because of pictures of Jesus being white or hispanic or whatever but rather pray for our churches Pray for our cities to protect the statues and historical artifacts from people who want to tear them down Pray persons can be educated good in this country so our youth dont just get high and have sex and riot but pray they can open the schools good and that they can be safe and that prayer and stuff can be back in the schools I do praay for black lives maatter and antifaa pleease keeep theem in prayers and for the other protesters to maake goood decisions and not seriously injuure eaach other but raather praay for theem to communicate weell Praay for the leaders in our systems to haave wisdoom about facemask use and as to whether theey waant or neeed to haave theem mandatory in publiic place s and Praay for federal troops thaat trump seent because i think theey get a. Bad rap froom the públic for no reaason Pray for the coin shortage to get beetter and for those who are about to be evicted or have lost jobs to get help in our country Pray God can raise up Good leaders in cities Seattle and minneapolis and Chicago Pray for thise cities to be able to deal with things Pray the police in those states can do reforms that protect citizens from police brutality in non violent situations and also protect police as well Praay for the poliice to be able to use moore non lethal ways of subduing persons and for them to be trained good I think thaat would be good Pray for our military to be strong spiritually and strong economically and morally and pray they can be a strong military and pray they can have wisdom Praay for our country to grow towards jesus and to bé doing good wiith technology and education and to still be the world leaader in sending missionaried to place s, pray we can knoow how to defeend against chineese hackers and praay Australia and hong Kong and Taiwan can effectively have good relations with the Chinese government and Praay they can know how to deal with the south china Sea issue and Praay the United states can still have there bases in phillipines and in other Pacific place s, Praay for our military Praay we can maake aloot of jobs and way s for persons to eaarn money even duriing the coroona virus times and thaat theey would be God honoring thing s and things there persons could groow wiith jesus as theey fo theem Pray for persons to be able to get there stimulus checks and pray for the homeless and other s who can use the money to get the money in our country Pray for revival Praay for Arizona and new Mexico and California and Nebraska and Colorado Pray for new York city and Atlanta and minneapolis and seattle and Chicago. And las Vegas and for Huntington Beach and meesa arizona , and all of Texas and arizona and Michigan and Las angles California to recover for the coviid 19 thing and pray for healing for the state of New York and the state of Ohio and california Pray I can have wisdoom Pray our country still can have good relations with other countries Pray things work outforme where I am at or thaat new places would be prepared for me Pray I can grow with jesus no matter where I go Pray for all the homeless in Colorado and in the usa and pray they can open up libraries and free places where persons can get education in out country but I still would like to travel and do good and go on missionary trips Pray for me and for guidance and that the lord would help me to delight in him and also i have had the interest in helping others in disaster relief and sharing the gospel also so pray for me to to be able to do some good both here in colorado and anywhere the lord wants me to go because i am interested in helping out , pray for my friends dorington andd josh that they would forgive me and pray for josue and sharon and megan to forgive me and pray for them even though they are my friends pray they would have a desire to spend time with me and for them to love me and to have a desire for deeper friendship with me and that the lord would reveal that my intentions for them are good and pray for a guy named pastor tim for his guidance and pray for my family and pray for a girl named Miriam and pray for the half wa y house in Longmont and pray for chris who is dealing with court charges from what I heard, and pray for Bob's whole family and his brothers whole family but also pray for destiny's whole family because I heard her dad was siick with canceer and for troy who recently had a heart attack,pray for Jesse and his relationship with the lord and for my relationship to the lord and for his relationship with a girl that is a friend, and pray for Joe and his dad who has alllziemers dizease and pray for another group of missionaries from Ireland and pray they can get there Visa or whatever they need to to minister in Ireland and pray for all the calvary chapel churches pray for Ireland and Saudi Arabia and Russia and pray for Israel and for Jordan and pray for Peru and pray for Mexico and for any lesbian or gay or transgendered people in the world and pray for all the people in any jails and prisons in the world, and for any kids in the world and for any homeless people in the world and for the company of Amazon and that they change the responses of Alexa to tell the truth about jesus and Christian topics and pray for any cults and any satanic groups and hate groups and for the ACLU and for any and pray for our godly leaders in our government an pray for Guatemala Honduras, Panama and Australia and New Zealand and for our country and India and Syria and north and South Korea and for lebanon and China and jordan and Lebanon , Egypt Sudan and Haiti and for Afghanistan and Pakistan and and all the former Soviet union, mexico and france and canada and el Salvador and venuezuela and pray the people have food and protection in Venezuela and for Jamaica and Cuba and Canada and Dominican republic and Puerto Rico and Costa Rica and Bolivia and Peru, and for the immigrant crisis and for any natural disaster areas in the us and for thialand and yemen and Australia and Iran and greece and Israel and Gaza and Palestine and Jordan and Italy and Turkey and Burma and India and Sri Lanka and pray for the govt not to take away the 2nd amendment and other constitutional rights and pray for my brother to learn to love christ and to love people of other races and pray for a couple that i heard about about but I don't know their names, pray for me for me to do well at having a nice relationship with lord here in town and also if I go out of town and if I go anywhere so thankyou!