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drugs overuse
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Hi, please read all of my message and I'm sorry for this long prayer message, I need your prayers because there are no Christians where I live to pray for us. My grandmother is sick and suffers from cholecystitis Please pray for her. Now, me I was unknowingly forced to take Benzo for more than 3 years by my mother and she can't read. The doctor was shocked because of the dosage years and told me I'm very young for these drugs but I'm still forced to take them to get rid of Benzo withdrawal symptoms. and I tried to get the mucus out of my chest by deep breathing and I couldn't do it and I just finished my sore throat drugs days ago but my throat is red again and I feel discomfort in my throat like something stuck in my throat I hope my throat will not be sore again because the ENT specialist told me if I don't stop taking sore throat drugs they will kill me and also took a lot of other drugs like stomach drugs, head drugs and I took Ambroxol every 4 hours instead of every 8 hours because the doctor didn't tell about that and there are no enough information in the instructions. He was shocked when I told him I had sore throats 10 times or more just in one year and I wish I didn't take sore throat 10 times in one year. Second hand smoking, head drugs and my worn clothes and screaming because of my family fighting everyday are the reason, I have nowhere to escape from my father second hand smoking I'm subject to it every morning and evening and night because he smokes a full packet every day ( 20 cigarettes) like he told me and I don't have a room and when I open the windows to get rid of second hand smoking my family get upset because it's cold. My father doesn't listen to me or to the doctors and he doesn't care. I'm suffering from hypochondria and I heard about a relative of my mother whose son is sick (please pray for him) he's in the hospital and the doctor said that his lungs are sick and that his disease is contagious and that he needs to spend 20 days in the hospital I hope it's not coronavirus because my mother goes to her everyday and I don't have a room and we heard in the news about 1 case in my country about the coronavirus and some suspicious cases, please pray for the virus to stop spreading in all countries especially in underdeveloped countries with weak health systems that may not have the capacity to control the spread of the virus. My mother suffers from gallstones, burping, vomiting, and difficulty breathing and difficulty sleeping, anger issues and the doctor told her that her health is in danger and that she needs a surgery and other tests but she doesn't want to do them because she thinks that doctors here are not good doctors yet she's crying and worried about her health and think she's demon possessed instead of sick because she's illiterate. She's a Muslim like all my town here and she's obsessed with tarot cards, horoscopes and fortune teller. She screams almost everyday as loud as she can because of petty things and family issues....etc I hope nothing bad will happen to her and all mothers and I hope worrying will have no side effects on her health. Some of the doctors prescribed to me meds from notorious brands and I took them from time to time when I had sore throats (one brand has a syrup that causes cancer and another brand that has throat spray that causes cancer, God forbid according to a well known European newspaper) but now I will not take these drugs again after finding out about that and I hope they will not hurt me or have side effects on me whether now or in the future because I took them in the past and I have pimples and I'm suffering from OCD, death thoughts because of flashbacks and extremely scary images because of Benzo withdrawal symptoms like crazy nightmares and uncontrollable thoughts a lot of times I imagine the devil trying to kill me but I always try to imagine the opposite like me killing the devil with my face full of blood I hope I will get rid of these bloody thoughts. I also sometimes see dreams that sounds like involuntary astral projections and I'm afraid of them because I heard that astral projections causes death I hope that's not true. Please pray for me to be safe from sore throat drugs side effects especially side effects on immune system or side effects on good bacteria and stomach I don't want my immune system to be weak in the future or losing good bacteria or any other side effects please pray for me to be healthy without sore throat I'm tired of taking drugs all the time and I and my family are worried about side effects because of over-using them for a year (I took sore throat drugs more than 10 times just in one year and I hope my throat will not be sore again so I will not take them , and I have paranoid thoughts and I have phlegm in my chest and it didn't get out of my chest even though I stopped taking Ambroxol because I took it for a week and I have itchiness, pain in my chest and upper body, knees, elbows, burning feeling around armpits, back of my neck, feet, and even my hands when I hold them up they tremble, I don't know why and I want to get off the internet and go out more but I'm held by family for years without school because I have high pitched voice and they're worried about me because of my voice I hope spending the most of the day on the internet will have no harmful effects on me because my family doesn't allow me to go out because of my voice also please pray for me to be safe from head drugs side effects I hope anxiety and paranoia and bloody images and chest pain and phlegm in my chest...etc will not hurt me. I pray that head drugs, sore throat drugs, stomach drugs and all other drugs will have no side effects on me and I can't wait to stop taking them and I hope I will not take sore throat drugs again and that my throat will remain healthy. Your prayers will be appreciated. I would like to know if you don't mind if I send another prayer request about my conversion and my problem with family and society because of my voice. Thanks for reading.