Winds Of Doctrine

Rev. John Collinsworth preached this message on 7/17/2016 Adult Sunday School


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    Brad bookman says:

    My name is Brad Bookman and I’m from North cities Garland tx, I’ve got an uncle that lives in Kemp named Bobby Bookman he currently attending cowboy church, he told me he has been feeling like he missing something spiritually so I was able to tell him the truth about the gospel and he wants to be baptized in Jesus name and filled with the holy ghost so I’m giving him yalls connection, so I’m reaching out to yall to put him in your prayers that he will be added to the church. His heart is ripe and God has his hand on him.. I’m praying day for him and I know this will come to fruition, God bless yall and may yalls church grow exponentially in 2018!!!

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